Our History

History of Tri State Foliage

Tri-State Foliage, Inc. was founded in 1985 with the goal of supplying the highest quality tropical foliage and blooming material to the interiorscape industry year-round, not seasonally as has been done previously by other wholesale companies. The greenhouses were built with several different shading zones and state-of-the-art climate controls with an underground heating system to supply a perfect growing and holding environment. Tri State Foliage has one of the largest inventories of tropical plants in the Midwest. In addition to tropical foliage from Florida and California we also stock a wide variety of Hawaiian grown tropicals. During the spring season we expand our product line to include outdoor tropical blooming material for retail garden centers.

In addition to our foliage we are also a distributor for New Pro Corp, Fafard Nationwide Mix, Planter Technology CWI Sub-irrigation (Tournesol Siteworks) and other hard goods necessary for today's interiorscaper. Also available is Tri State Foliage Wonder plant cleaner. Weekly deliveries are made to Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan in climate-controlled trucks to ensure quality goods reach their destination. Our competent sales staff works with customers to find what they want and what they need.


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